Genealogy Documentation is the end result of all the research that has been done. It places the ancestors that have been discovered into a family structure This documentation can be done in several ways, manually using pedigree charts and family group sheets or with a software package. At this stage you may not want too or cannot afford a software package for your documentation.

Pedigree charts and family group sheets can be downloaded from the internet free of charge. They come in various versions and it is personal choice as to which version you prefer to use. The pedigree chart shows only direct ancestors and how they relate to each other. It will determine birth, marriage and death dates but does not allow for children and siblings. To record this information you will need a family group sheet.

To document your research click the link below

              Step by Step Genealogy Guide

Step by Step Genealogy Guide is an excellent guide to explaining all the charts you may need and to filling them out

The family group sheet lists the couple on the pedigree chart along with other spouses if any, their children and parents, where the children were born where they died and where and when they married and to whom. When filling out a family group sheet always begin with the eldest child not forgetting to add the names of any children who died. When documenting this information you may come across instances where a child has been named after a child that has previously died. In earlier days parents called their children after older members of the family so if one child died the name would be handed down. So do not confuse the children as being one and the same. 

Make separate group sheets for each couple on the pedigree chart, some may never had children but filling out the family group sheet others will know this. A couple may have a child but never married this is still important for the family tree. Make family group sheets for Aunties and Uncles and cousins. Now the names on the pedigree chart are becoming families and you are sure to know a story or incidence that involves some of them that you could include on the family group sheet.

All this information that you are collecting needs to be documented in an organised manner. It will be up to you how you do this. A manila folder for each family with the names of the couple and birth dates written on the front (mother, father, grandparents etc.) may be a start Any certificates or other information can also be filed in the folder . The most important thing is that the system allows you to find things quickly and not spend hours rummaging through papers.

If you feel this type of genealogy documentation sounds time consuming and finding the space to store it may be a problem then perhaps you may need to look at a software programme. Of course you would still need to file any relevant information that you have collected but the amount of information that can be stored in your computer is immense.